Another great question!


The answer will vary depending on the restaurant. Since we have a panel of judges that will be sampling and rating each burger, if we had more than 15 restaurants, it would’ve been near impossible for them to try them all.


It’s important to understand that this is a charity tasting type event, so the restaurants that are participating have agreed to donate their time, talents and food to prepare hundreds of burgers so that we can create a fun event that allows 100% of the ticket proceeds to go to the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation charity.


Some restaurants had prior commitments, some restaurants weren’t interested in this type of event or were already supporting other events in the same month. We also had a call for entries open for a couple of months and it’s possible that the restaurant didn’t reach out to us in time. We contacted several restaurants directly and some didn’t reply.


Anytime you have to narrow a pool of literally dozens and dozens of top notch burgers in the Sacramento area down to 15, you’re going to leave out somebody’s favorite. We did our best to include as many top rated and local favorite burgers, chefs and restaurants into our event.

Many of the participating restaurants will change each year, so hopefully your favorite burger place will decide to participate in the future :)